Work! But from Home

Work! But from Home

Working from home can be a challenge. Here are 8 quick tips to make the transition a bit smoother.
May 04, 2020 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
New Spring Arrivals

New Spring Arrivals

April 20, 2020 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
The Art of the Unwind: A Mini Self Care Guide

The Art of the Unwind: A Mini Self Care Guide

10 ways to wind down after you've slain the day!
November 12, 2018 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
We love NEW tings!

We love NEW tings!

Hi there! It's been a while. 

Just dropping in to share all of our favorite new goodies! 

This one is for the ladies who like to keep track of their goals! Her Goals Journal helps you to keep a record of your short-term goals and ensures accountability at the same time. 

How satisfying to check off every goal you crush!

Going somewhere?

Our Going Places Pouch is the perfect home for your travel documents! Keep your passport, pen, boarding passes and other small items handy without them getting lost in the sauce when traveling. 


Standing tall in the crowd! 

This Flamingo Journal catches your eye and keeps your thoughts well documented!


H U S T L E 

Whether you're a Girl Boss, Woman In Charge, HBIC or whatever you identify as, we all know how you got there - HUSTLE. Our Hustle Journal is in command with its bold neon color and metallic green lettering. Why fit in when you're the leader of the pack?


AHHH! These pouches are so cute! Hold all of your writing tools or makeup brushes when you're on the go!


We love these mini jotters! They're the best errand companions! 




February 10, 2018 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
10 Days of Giveaways

10 Days of Giveaways

You don't want to miss this!!! Follow @productjoint on instagram to see what you can score this Holiday season!
December 17, 2017 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
Boujee and Goal-less

Boujee and Goal-less

Check out this blog post featuring

Writer, Motivational Speaker, Event Planner and Goal Chaser Extraordinaire, Kerel Pinder.


October 04, 2017 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
Shopping just got easier!

Shopping just got easier!

We're happy to share that we are featured on - A fashion hub featuring the latest in Fashion, Tech, Beauty and Lifestyle. A team of Product Joint shopping experts goes on a quest to find trendy, unique and quality products from around The Bahamas and features them all in one place!


Be sure to check it out!


July 19, 2017 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
For The  Love of Pineapples!

For The Love of Pineapples!

Let's talk about our pineapple obsession. By our, we mean all of us. 

A gift presented to Kings in the 1600s, and among the finest fruit earth can bear, the pineapple is everything. This good source of Vitamin C has become the inspiration behind one of the most of instagrammable quotes: "be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside!" 

Pineapples are also photogenic! You can't catch a bad angle on that thing! Can you even fight the urge to like or repost an image of a pineapple?! No matter how perfect, curled, sticky and sharp it is, you can't resist it!

It's the one of the few elements, besides colour itself, that can make a photo more interesting. You feel refreshed just looking at it. Check this out! (via @afrosinsanjuan)


Simple enough, right? 

But the pineapple is so much more than that. 

It's symbolic. Think of the pineapple as the result of many flowers whose fruitlets have joined around the core. Think about many of us girls and women alike who bind together to create something magnificent... and the results are always sweet!

We're an island nation, so why not praise our fruit? Especially the fruit that sets a great example!

Stay sweet, loves! 

Featured Item: 


Shop pineapple themed #trinkettreats here


May 31, 2017 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
Meet us at the Pop Up!

Meet us at the Pop Up!

That's right! We'll be poppin' up with The Curvy Closet at The Pretty Little Pop Up Shop! Shop our new collections of accessories, paper goods, art, decor, gift items and more!
April 01, 2017 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
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For Girls Serious About Fun!

For Girls Serious About Fun!

are you ready for your whole life to change? introducing the agenda it's your all-in-one personal assistant, best friend, #1 fan, wingwoman, game changer & keeper of dreams. and it's better than ever: more stickers, more notes pages, a pocket, secret code, a coloring page, tons of art inside and out, and so much more! whether you're a full-on #planneraddict or someone who's just got big plans, trust us when we say you've gotta have this planner. (p.s. we've only got a few and they will sell out, so get yours now!) #omgbandoagenda 



December 04, 2016 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
December Mood Board

December Mood Board

December 04, 2016 — Team Trinkets and Treasures


This is not a guide to journaling, but a few tips on how to make it fun and how you can use it as an aid to your wellness. Journaling works because it helps to remove yourself from situations and view them objectively.

1. Give Thanks 
In all things, give thanks. Practicing gratitude is an act of self care. Being thankful shifts your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance. 

  • Write lists of everything that you’re thankful for in your journal. It’s a simple yet powerful way to ease your mind and lift your spirits.

2. Make it unique to you

  • It helps if you are witty
    People love people who don't take themselves too seriously. After battling the day and finding out what you're really made of, it's nice to reflect in a light-hearted way. Write in a conversational tone to make things realistic. 

3. Use your journal to explore your feelings
We all have off moments, or in some cases, off days. So many things that have happened to us stay with us for a long time. It is important not to internalize these negative, heavy feelings. What better way to observe than to put it all out before you and examine. This is the time for you to be yourself. You're free of judgment. 

  • Ask yourself questions like, "how do I feel?" and let it flow from there

4. Clear your mind

We're not talking about the time Spongebob tossed out file cabinets of material in his mind. 

We're talking about quieting the noise! Write down your to do lists and ideas running though your head and just shelf all that overthinking. Silence is beautiful.  

  • do a brain dump – open your journal to a blank page and let loose; write down everything that is on your mind until there is nothing left. Your thoughts/worries/to-do list are safe and sound, so I can just relax, let go, and enjoy the moment.

5. Don't forget your dreams!
“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Write about things you want to accomplish. No, it's not pointless! With time, manifesting your dreams will help you to grow the confidence you need to accomplish your goals!


Grab a journal!


July 28, 2016 — Team Trinkets and Treasures