Please make sure you acknowledge the nature of our jewelry before purchase.
  • Jewelry pieces are not waterproof. We offer fashion jewelry so it can be affordable to you. Because some items are gold and rhodium plated materials and not solid gold or silver, each piece needs special care to ensure a longer life span. However, it will be much limited than fine metal jewelry and will tarnish over time and wear.
  • By its nature, gold and rhodium plated items will tarnish over time. Same for sterling silver items, certain conditions such as high humidity, extensive exposure to air, sweat, chemicals, and rubber bands among others will speed up the oxidation process.
  • To help keep items from tarnishing, avoid contact with water as the jewelry pieces are not waterproof and clean all pieces with any soft dry cloth to remove any sweat or chemicals such as hair spray or perfume. After use, place the jewelry in the mini sealable plastic bags or pouches provided with each purchase.