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First of all, we're glad you're here -
safe and sound.

The last few months have been difficult to digest, but we hope it is comforting to know that we are all in this together. We salute everyone on the frontline, who risk their lives every day to ensure the best medical care we can have during this time. To all essential workers: you're doing amazing and we can't thank you enough.

For some of us, we've had to adjust to a new normal, while others continue on with their normal work lives. Transitioning into working from home can be a challenge, especially if your work culture is totally different from being productive in isolation. 

Something as simple as the commute to work has now been removed from the equation. No ocean view or 99cent breakfast stops, but at least you get to skip that morning traffic, right?

If you thrive on the social benefits of the workplace, things may seem a bit gloomy right now, but it doesn't have to be.

Here are 8 quick tips to make the transition a bit smoother.

1. Set a Routine

  • Get started early. This could be difficult if you're used to having that full-on conversation with yourself on whether you should hit snooze or spring into action. Something in your mind will tell you that you're not obligated to be anywhere. It's true, but don't listen to that voice.
  • Get dressed. Get dressed?! For what?
    Sometimes if you look the part, you can play the part. Or just do what everyone else does and just focus on the top half of your body. No one sees that on a Zoom call anyway.

  • Grab a quick and easy breakfast. If you need your morning joe, it may be of interest to you to take in that amazing coffee aroma.
  • Follow a list of short term goals for the day. You'll be surprised to discover what you can accomplish with the right amount of focus.

2. Choose Your Dedicated Workspace
If you have a home office, make that space welcoming and functional for yourself. Try to work in a quiet space with limited distractions. This is away from those miserable neighborhood dogs or your sister's lukewarm attempt at hitting those high notes. This space must only be associated with work-related things.

3. Limit Social Media Time
This can be tough. With so many Instagram live interviews and new memes by the hour, content is being churned out and digested a mile a minute. One quick scroll of your feed can erase hours of productivity if you let it. Try using a timer to get each task done efficiently and take breaks as needed. Social media can wait! That ankle injury from doing that TikTok dance challenge can wait!

4. Vibe Out!
After you reheat that homemade lo-mein, crank up the lo-fi chill hip-hop and get to work! Some individuals thrive on white noise, or in this case, slick bass grooves with relaxing chords to keep things flowing. Try listening to ChilledCow on YouTube.

5. Use Laundry as a Work Timer
If you don't have a timer going already, this is the perfect time to get a few loads done in between work tasks. Killing two birds with one stone!

6. Turn On The TV?!
If you're searching for a little normalcy, turn the tv on at a comfortable volume for some nondistinctive chatter. It could help.

7. Go Outside (In Your Yard)
Now that you’re spending a disproportionate amount of time at home, get outside as much as possible with gardening or walking around your home.

8. Practice Gratitude
If you are a person of faith, it could be beneficial to simply give thanks for all that you have. It makes no sense to harp on the negative feelings.

If you have any amazing tips, share them below! Happy quarantine and stay safe!

May 04, 2020 — Team Trinkets and Treasures


Ava said:

This is a tough time, indeed! Practicing gratitude definitely helps!
Great content!

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