A Healing Journal for Black Men


Create space for reflection and self-care with healing prompts for Black men

Journaling is a powerful tool for healing that has been used by many great Black men. This guided journal is filled with prompts and practices that encourage you to reflect, heal, and live authentically in your Black manhood. You'll learn to root yourself in self-care and cultivate greater peace in your life so you can truly thrive.

  • Evidence-based methods—This self-care journal offers guidance for your healing journey through research-supported, trauma-informed therapeutic modalities.
  • Tools for healing—Discover a mix of journal prompts, affirmations, quotes, and other calming exercises to help you reflect and heal a little bit every day.
  • Meaningful themes—Awaken your spirit as you explore practices centered on identity, emotions, self-compassion, positive thinking, self-confidence, and pride.

Celebrate your Blackness and uncover a sense of wholeness with this healing journal for men.