Pastel Dreams

If you follow us on instagram, you'd know that we love pastel colors. We love giving you #ForeverSpring vibes with every post!

The name comes from pastels, art media characteristic of this color family. The colors of this family are usually described as "soothing", "soft", "near neutral", "milky", "washed out", "desaturated", lacking strong chromatic content. 

Exploring that vibe led us to create something like a pastel kingdom of our own. We can't help it! We're constantly pinning our favorite color combinations on our Pinterest boards. Imagine our excitement when two of our favorite shades were chosen as Pantone's colors of the year 2016!From interior ideas to wardrobe selections, here are a few inspirational images: 

What do you think about pastel color palettes?
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February 01, 2016 — Team Trinkets and Treasures
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Jessica said:

I love this! Refreshing color palettes are everything!

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